How do i update kindle for mac

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  1. Amazon updates Kindle for Mac
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Amazon was frankly slow to bring its e-book software to Macs. The PC desktop client came first, and a pared-down Mac application only eventually followed in March.

Amazon updates Kindle for Mac

I still think it might be the most powerful e-reading application available on the desktop. Even generic readers beat Kindle's UI. Amazon just didn't seem serious about Mac support, or desktop readers at all. A few days ago, I noticed that even though I'd been buying Kindle books again, I didn't even have the Kindle app on my Mac.

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I hadn't bothered to transfer it over from my old machine. So I go to Amazon's site and download the application, open it up — and I'm astonished. I thought I was hallucinating, or my memory was faulty. Actually, I'd just downloaded the brand new app a day before it had been officially announced. Improved WhisperSync support means that I can read a book on my Kindle, open it on my Mac, and it will open to the last page read on the Kindle.

‎Kindle on the Mac App Store

When I open the same book on the Kindle again, I have the option to pick up where I left off either on the Kindle or the Mac. I actually like that it's a prompt on the Kindle, rather than an automatic sync; on the desktop too, I can toggle between last page read on Kindle or last page read on Mac, but it's a menu option rather than a prompt.

Just because Amazon's finally getting serious about the Mac doesn't mean it's neglecting software updates for the Kindle; only a week after the 3. As you might guess from its version number, it's a minor release, offering some performance improvements moderately faster page syncing and page turns, mostly and reportedly plugging some security gaps.

44 Kindle Reviews

View Comments. If you want the latest Kindle features right this second or you missed a past update , the best way to get an immediate update for your Kindle is to do it manually.

click Read on as we show you how to easily update your Kindle. Select the Kindle you want to update and read the notation beside it, like so:.

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Once you have the first four characters, you can reference the following list to determine exactly which model you have. Scroll down until you get to the Kindle section and then match up the Kindle you have with the appropriate model. Remember, there may be multiple versions of the same model—this is why we went searching for the serial number in step one. Before you download the update, confirm that version number is higher than the current version on your Kindle.

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Somewhere along the line, we got the summer update but missed out on the big fall update that ushered in the new home screen layout. Now, with the discrepancy between the most recent version and our version confirmed, we can download the update file. Once the download is complete, attach your Kindle Paperwhite to your computer with a USB cable and copy the update.

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BIN file to the root directory of your Kindle Paperwhite.