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Excel Download Word Download. Receipts are essentially paid invoices so for guides on writing a create receipt our invoice guide is a great place to start. Microsoft Word is designed for general documents such as letters and reports. You can usually make quite good looking documents in Word. However it can be quite a pain to add line items, totals and calculate taxes.

Free Word Invoice Template - Zoho Invoice

Excel makes it quite easy to add up your totals and measure taxes. You can set up a table with items and quantities with little effort. However Excel falls short on the visuals.

How to Make an Invoice EASY - Excel - Word - PDF

The best option is to use tools and software designed for making receipts. You can use these tools to gain the best of both worlds! Great convenience as well as amazing style. Here are some of the added benefits of using Invoice Simple:. Receipt Template.

Want a more automated solution? Try FreshBooks and enjoy amazing benefits like accepting credit card payments, recurring invoices, automatic reminders, expense tracking, time tracking and much more.

Download Free Invoice Templates

Sign up for a 30 day free trial and experience cloud accounting today! No worries. Simply get started with the free sample invoice templates for all business types. Self Employed invoice template Freelance invoice template Hourly invoice template Business invoice template Services Rendered invoice template Blank invoice template Printable invoice template. All invoices from the template gallery are free for download and use. All you have to do is fill in the fields on your blank invoice template.

You can create invoices with your branding, set recurring invoices, send automated payment reminders and late fees and much more—saving you time and money. Ready to customize invoice templates and send to your clients?

Download Free Invoice Templates

Make sure you add all of the important details and ensure you get paid the right way. Cut the project confusion between you and your client. Want to set an invoice due date to stay on top of your cash flow? Be sure to write your payment terms on each and every invoice template you send. An invoice is one of the most important documents in your business. Use the FreshBooks to create the perfect invoice template for your business. Learn how by watching this video. Put your invoicing on autopilot and focus on the tasks that matter most in your business. Send an invoice online and enjoy the perks of faster payments.

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The benefits of sending bills on the cloud are endless. Check out this comparison:. This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Review our cookies information for more details. Invoice Template Invoice your clients right now!

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Create invoices instantly Get Started. Microsoft Word Download as:.

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Join 24 million people who have used FreshBooks. Microsoft Excel Download as:. Adobe PDF Download as:. Invoice with FreshBooks Download as:. Google Sheets Download as:. Google Docs Download as:. Word Invoice Template Microsoft Word makes it easy to design all kinds of documents, invoices and reports.

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  6. Excel Invoice Templates A Microsoft Excel invoice template is great because you can automatically calculate totals on your invoice with the formulas from Excel. Google Sheets Invoice Templates These same perks apply to the Google Sheets template as well, however, both can present limitations when it comes to design and adding and removing fields. Create My Invoice. Which Format Should I Use? Benefits of Using Templates What makes invoice templates better than other billing methods? CSV formats and more Customize invoice template fields to include your business name, address and contact information Organize client account information and status Keep important data on hand come tax time Tired of invoicing mistakes?

    Is Each Invoice Template Free? Fill in Company and Contact Information. Add Date and Invoice Number. This allows you to easily to keep track of invoices—especially for repeat clients. Include Descriptions and Rates of Services. Add Sales Tax.

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